The Krongold Outreach Program Career Assessment Service

The Krongold Outreach Program Career Assessment Service (KOP-CAS) is a program that I developed with my colleagues Zoe Morris and Nick Gamble.  Essentially, we developed a training protocol and materials for a career assessment and feedback service, which is used as a platform to develop competencies in provisional psychologists.

The intial results of the program were presented at the Society for Teaching Psychology‘s Preconference, hosted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology‘s annual convention at San Antonio TX in January 2017.  A copy of that poster can be found here.

Over the eight months since that presentation, we have continued to develop the program.  We are excited to be presenting the latest findings at the New Zealand Psychological Society’s annual conference in Christchurch in August 2017.  A copy of the slides can be found here.

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