Personality assessment workshops for psychologists

I will be running two group supervision workshops on personality assessment in early September, covering the NEO-PI-3 and the PAI (adolescent and adult versions).  There is a full day option in person for those in Melbourne (Saturday 7th) or two evening sessions via Zoom (Monday 2nd and 9th).  There will be a follow up consultation a month later for any questions and case discussion.  Each workshop will have no more than five participants, so it can be logged as group supervision.  The workshops are designed for provisional psychologists, but would also be useful for early career psychologists or those who want to develop their skills in personality assessment.

Why the NEO-PI-3 and PAI together?

Despite both being named “personality” measures, these are very different tools.  The NEO-PI-3 is a measure of trait personality, which is very useful for general presentations and for conceptualising difficulties experienced by individuals.  For more clinical presentations or when more complex mental illness is suspected, the PAI offers significantly more useful information for the assessing psychologist.  Being able to recognise when and how to use each type of assessment tool is a critical competency for all psychologists.

What’s included:

  • 7 hours of group supervision with a board approved supervisor
  • NEO-PI-3 and PAI for self-administration via PARiConnect online
  • Clinical case presentations
  • Guidelines for interpretation
  • Templates for reporting test data

The NEO-PI-3, PAI, and PAI-A will also be made available to participants at cost through PARiConnect between the workshop and the follow up consultation.  The total cost of the workshop, including materials and follow up consultation, is $375 per person.  Please email if you are interested.

About me:

I am a psychologist with endorsement in educational and developmental psychology, and a board approved supervisor.  I work in academia, private practice, and hospital settings, primarily in complex differential assessment and treatment planning roles.  I have taught personality assessment for a number of years, conducted hundreds of personality assessments in clinical and educational settings, and presented workshops on personality assessment in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. 

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