I have a particular interest in mentoring psychologists who are interested in starting a new assessment practice, or growing an existing practice. Starting and running a small business can feel really overwhelming – our confidence in our clinical skills is only matched by our lack of confidence in our business skills.  I have a background in small business prior to retraining as a psychologist, and since becoming a psychologist I have been in business for myself at two levels. 

The solo practitioner – you are it.  You are the business and you do everything.  The fear of not getting enough referrals which sometimes is outweighed by the fear of too many referrals!  The feeling of never being able to take a break or say no. The nagging question about whether this was actually a good idea, and maybe a salaried position does make more sense. I’ve been there!

The group practice owner – in some ways, it still feels like you are the business and you still do everything. But now, there are others who rely on you. The rewards are greater, but so are the stakes. The challenge of making time and space to work on the business, not just in the business. The challenge of finding a new solution to a process that worked just fine when your business was a little smaller. I’m there right now, as the co-owner of one of Australia’s largest group assessment-focused practices. 

Throughout my business journey I have often learned the hard way.  Now I would love to give back a little and hopefully help you not do it so hard.  Your business can only thrive if you get the financial and strategic aspects right; if your staff are content and feel valued; and if you are efficient.  The clinical side of your business is already great, but if you were like me, the business side of your business is the missing piece of the puzzle.  What I can help with:

  • Managing the finances – understanding profit and loss, cashflow, debtors, and the balance sheet
  • Developing processes and systems to help you scale
  • Training and developing staff (both administrative and clinical)
  • IT solutions and efficiencies, including using Google Forms to improve report writing
  • Making plans and intentional choices for the future

Business development consultations are only available to US-based psychologists. If you are interested in discussing your business needs, please contact me.